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I'm interested in building web based applications. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and figuring out how to make entire applications better, not just the software itself but the whole stack required to make the app function. This includes the web server, database application, hosting environment, you name it.


Owner, Dutton Bros, LLC
Dublin, CA 2013-present

Currently creating web based applications for clients.

  • Provide application development and architecture services to Mytrus helping bring clinical research software to market. Develop study management, communication and identity verification features across their electronic consent and direct-to-patient platforms. These features involved working and integrating with external vendors and APIs from Twilio and IDology. Knowledge of the underlying LAMP platform architecture and assist with devops tasks as needed.
  • Working for Cisco's sales team to create an intranet sales planning application to help them be more effective working with their partners. In addition to screens that collected partner data the app had extensive reporting screens. These reporting screens consisted of data tables and charts detailing bookings information for the past 3 years of Cisco bookings. The partner and bookings information available on the intranet web site was also available in PDF, Word, and PowerPoint formats. The main app used Perl and Oracle but the Word and PowerPoint formats were done using Java with Aspose APIs. Many other systems within Cisco were connected to this portal including LDAP, internal Cisco APIs, Oracle DBs, Business Objects, and SalesForce data.
  • Create and maintain an online quoting tool for brokers selling Kaiser Permanente small group insurance plans. This site allows Kaiser insurance brokers to enter or upload census information and then download PDF/Excel quotes for Kaiser's perspective customers. Kaiser employees can upload their region's plans and rate information on a quarterly/yearly basis. The site is integrationed with SalesForce to authorize broker access and send over lead information. This site runs PHP/PostgreSQL/Apache.
  • Maintain and update an ordering app for Broadcom. The company uses this system to order beta parts and samples for customer testing and sampling of parts. This app codifies their workflow for order fulfillment of these specific parts and is written in PHP and Mysql. Email notifications are sent throughout each step of the fulfillment so all parties can deliver the orders as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain and update an ordering app for Foxconn Interconnect Technology. This is the same application that is used by Broadcom. Broadcom sold part of their business to Foxconn Interconnect Technology and Foxconn chose to keep using the same system. Some changes have been made to customize the app for their purposes but the underlying technology is the same.
  • Convert an Excel ordering process to a web based ordering system for Flow Control Inc. The online app can accept Excel templates for bulk order entry, outputs PDF files of the orders, and sends orders to Epicor for order fulfillment/tracking/etc. This site runs PHP/PostgreSQL/Apache.

Director of Development, Media Net Link, Inc.
San Ramon, CA 1998-2013

Worked as lead developer and systems administrator for 15+ years completing numerous projects for many different clients. Here are some of the bigger projects I've worked on:

  • 2008-2013 I worked on the Kaiser Oregen API that integrated with the Oregon Health Exchange required for the Affordable Care Act. I also maintained the existing Java/Tomcat application for several years and then rewrote the entire thing using PHP and the Kohana framework. This rewrite provided new features such as better administration (easier updating of rate information), and the new app integrated the four broker quoting web sites we were responsible for into one application. Previously these were separate apps requiring more maintenance. Kaiser NorthWest Broker Quoting
  • 2004-2013 I created an application used by Cisco's sales teams to do planning with their partners. This was basically version 2 of the previous application known as Capacity Planning Automation (CPA). This app was built using the Cisco IT Perl environment along with an Oracle DB. Installing additional Perl modules was hard to get done so I created my own Perl ORM library for this project. The was an intranet app so no link is available.
  • 2000-2013 AthenaRMS was my first big project at Media Net Link. I created a web app to be used as a support/ticket system to replace the FileMaker Pro system the support staff was using. We had performance issues, reliability problems, and access issues with FileMaker Pro. This application is still used today without too many updates. Some uses include ticket tracking as a support systems and it's also used as a contact and lead storage system for call centers. This request tracking system can really be used to collect whatever you want it to. This app was written in PHP and PostgreSQL and has email handling built in as well. AthenaRMS
  • 1999-2003 I helped develop the HP Partnership Portal web site as it grew from a small Perl CGI application using DBM files to be a more scalable web application using Apache/mod_perl and an Oracle database. I installed Oracle replication to spread work load and setup a proxy to load balance based on content type. This site used a custom parsing system called "color tags" that content authors used to display content to certain reseller segments. I rewrote the "color tagging" system to be much faster as part of the mod_perl site upgrade, I don't recall how much of a speedup there was but it was in the 10x-100x range. HP Partnership Portal
  • 1998-2013 I worked as the company's systems administrator and all around tech guy. This included managing the Co-location facility (servers, software, networking, etc), installing a phone system using Asterisk PBX with Cisco IP phones, configuring routers and VPNs. Colo responsibilities included building and installing servers, configuring realtime failover using Heartbeat/DRBD/CARP, configuring Apache 1.x-2.x, managing system updates, installing PostgreSQL and Mysql, configuring custom FreeBSD routers which we then converted to PfSense, installing version control systems (CVS, SVN). Contact me if you want more information on the systems work I've done.
  • 2002-2013 Contact Beacon was an internally created system that we used to send out emails on behalf of our clients. As we used it more we decided to make this a publicly available app/service. I wrote much of the internal application that the current public version is built around. This app was built using PHP, XML, XSL, PostgreSQL, and Postfix for email integration. Contact Beacon


University of California Davis

Skills & Expertise

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Application Design Database Design PHP Perl PostgreSQL Oracle Mysql Javascript jQuery Version Control (CVS, SVN, GIT) HTTP & Apache mod_perl XML LAMP Systems & Network Administration Linux/FreeBSD NFS/Samba VOIP/SIP/IAX Asterisk DRBD/Heartbeat SMTP & Postfix/qmail/Dovecot VMWare OpenVZ Selenium Docker


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