Dutton Bros LLC

Helping companies do better business on the internet.

Areas of Expertise

Software Development

Programming languages are simply a tool to get the job done, what's really important is how the software is created. We do MVC development and while we do have more experience with certain languages, we can program in any language to suit your needs.

Data Management

We can work with all sorts of data and database software. We excel in relational database systems (RDBMS) with strong knowledge of the structured query language (SQL). Installing, configuring and maintaining SQL servers such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mysql are our strong suits as well.

Systems Integration

100% uptime using failover, load balancing, and virtualiziation technologies should be the goal of every business with a presence on the internet. We can help improve your environment whether it's in house, in the cloud, or in managed hosting. We also can help you move to or from these environments.